I’m from the 4 corners.

I was born in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim, where I keep many memories of kid, from school holidays visiting my dear uncles and grandparents. And I’m also from Rio de Janeiro, because how can I not be from Rio? Everyone should be from Rio. The most beautiful city in the universe. The most kind people. Global unanimity. But I’m still from San Francisco, California, where I put deep roots, where I live. More charming in the United States does not exist. Last but not least, I’m from Niterói! Ah, Niterói … It’s where I was a kid, where I made old friends, and, unintentionally, some enemies too; where I really missed, and sometimes I got it right; where I discovered important things in life; where I left loved ones, music, lots of music, partnerships, and dreams spread around street corners, bars, and maybe in someone’s heart.

by Luis Peazê about Sergio Pedroza